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Road Rage is a short film made by four other people and I for the class ANIM 313: 3D Pipeline at Savannah College of Art and Design.

It features two parking meters fighting over a nice car. Both of them want it to park in their parking space! 

Additional animation, modeling, texturing, rigging, and lighting by: Tor Parker, Ryan Marsden, Alex Robertson, and Ibaa Al Rawahi.

Software: Maya, Arnold, After Effects, Photoshop

Year: 2019


My favorite part of the process was animating these little robots to have such fun personalities. I tried to imagine them as little kids throwing a tantrum over a shiny new toy. It was a nice challenge to get these stiff looking machines to convey a sense of emotion through acting. 

To get the feeling I wanted from them, I took video of myself acting and used it as reference to animate them.

Parking meters and car all animated in Maya 2018.

Parking meter design by Tor Parker.


While I don't consider myself a modeler, it was really fun to be able to make things for this film, especially these houses! It was really my first big foray into texturing and shading, and I really learned a lot from these. 

Eventually these were all rendered in Arnold along with the rest of the film. 

As the setting was Savannah, I took inspiration from the houses that I see around me every day. I also took pictures of things like painted walls and sidewalks and turned those flat pictures into the textures on the sides of the houses and the concrete steps.

All modeled and textured in Maya 2018.

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