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Pirate Lesson is a story about a pirate captain father who finds a battle to be the perfect opportunity o give his son a driving lesson. Follow Mr. Meatball the Third as he learns how to drive (sail?) amid cannon blasts. The fate of the ship's bird crew lies in the slimy blue hands of a young possum pig boy.

Pirate Lesson is the culmination of our crew's year-long journey to develop a full student short film from scratch over the course of our senior year.

Pirate Lesson was animated, lit, and rendered in Maya 2020.

My main responsibility on Pirate Lesson was 3D animation, 2D effects animation, and rendering.

Software: Autodesk Maya, Toon Boom Harmony 20

Year: 2021

Check out Pirate Lesson's official website



Animating the characters in Pirate Lesson was an absolute blast! The hyper cartoony style meant that breaking the rigs was encouraged, and using deformers to push poses was an absolute must. Coming up with the poses and seeing how much silliness we could put into a shot was very liberating, and we all had a ton of fun doing it!!

Lighting: Aech Akre

Rigging: Dara Insixiengmay, PoHsuan Lin, Brandon Kolaczewski

Additional Animation: Sofia Azpe, Brandon Kolaczewski, Adam Toutoungi

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