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Chalk is a student animated short film created in Savannah College of Art and Design's 395 class: Collaborative Pipeline. The short was designed to call back to the city of Savannah, and was aired as a bumper for the 2020 Savannah Film Festival.

A young girl is drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Suddenly, her chalk drawings come to life! She follows them on a magical adventure through Savannah's Forsyth Park.

Chalk was animated in Maya 2020 and Toon Boom Harmony 20.

My main responsibility on Chalk was 3D animation and the 2D animated duck.

Software: Autodesk Maya, Toon Boom Harmony

Year: 2020

I learned a lot working with the characters for this project! It was my first time having to animate a character responding to a character that wasn't already in the scene. I had to collaborate a lot with the 2D artists to make sure their interactions flowed smoothly!

Getting to animate the little 2D ducky was a blast. The character was small, and I had a fun time trying to get the movements to read well in such a small space. The jump was particularly fun, looking up reference videos of ducklings jumping is a nice perk to the job.

Images and videos courtesy of and owned by Savannah College of Art and Design. 

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