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Bearly is SCAD Animation Studios' flagship film, debuting in 2020.

It follows the journey of a young bear who fights the urge to hibernate while experiencing the changing seasons for the first time.

Bearly was animated in Maya 2020 and lit in Katana.

My main responsibility on Bearly was 3D animation.

Software: Autodesk Maya

Year: 2020

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I had a great time animating a scared little Bearly. Translating a human-esque reaction of fear onto a bear character was fun and challenging. Getting the body language to be subtle yet realistic taught me a lot.

2D Animation: Cosimo Faieta, Alison Agnew

I had so much fun animating Bearly and the bird interacting with each other! It was a nice exercise to have two creature characters play off of each other. 

Rigging: Brandon Kolaczewski, Mason Smigel

Images and videos courtesy of and owned by SCAD Animation Studios. 

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